US slaps fine on company blocking VoIP

Eric A. Hall ehall at
Sat Mar 5 00:24:04 UTC 2005

On 3/4/2005 5:45 PM, Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:

> Vonage has fought tooth and nail to *not* be a regulated entity.

It's too early in the technology life-cycle for them to be treated that
way. I mean, you can get a phone number anywhere the service provider has
a pop, and if you want to feed that into existing 911 service systems
you've got a lot of mapping issues to deal with, probably to the point
where it's not economically feasible, meaning no deployment. Heck, how
long did it take for cellular 911 to work right, and now we're demanding
the same level of service from a newbie market like VoIP right away?

The time will come soon enough where the market will be stable enough for
all of us to mandate certain requirements, and we'll get all the
regulation we need then. In the meantime, allowing the technology to
develop is the best strategy.

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