More on Vonage service disruptions...

Fergie (Paul Ferguson) fergdawg at
Fri Mar 4 00:03:47 UTC 2005

..and apparently this is happening more and more.

There was actually a story in USA Today a couple of
days ago where a family tried calling 911 on their
VoIP service during a burglary only to be told by
a recorded message that they must "dial 911 from
another phone"...

This story accurately highlights some of the issues.

- ferg

-- Adi Linden <adil at> wrote:

Who would in their right mind rely on MSN Messenger for
911 access? Today residential VoIP service offered by
Vonage or like companies is nothing more or less than
your instant messenging gizmo. Perhaps it is more useful
but by no means more reliable.


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