AOL scomp

John Levine johnl at
Wed Mar 2 04:42:07 UTC 2005

>It's too bad that about 1/3 of the reported mails are valid opt-in lists.

I find it's a lot more than that, but my network is small and I know
most of my users so the amount of spam we emit is tiny.

Since my list mail is all VERPed and AOL only removes the address from
the To line (they know it's silly, their lawyers made them do it), it
took me only a few minutes to write a perl script that picks the list
name, domain, and subscriber address out of the bounce address and
reformats it into an unsubscribe message to mj2.  Works great.

Now I have a new problem of AOL users asking where their list mail
went.  Sigh.  I tell them that if they want to resubscribe, they're
welcome to do so, and when they hit the spam button again they'll be
off the list again.

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