Multihoming for the small ISP ( search engine) ala 2005

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Tue Mar 1 16:24:08 UTC 2005

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, Geoff White wrote:

> 2) What is the "preferred or correct" way for a relatively small outfit
> (a small search engine) to implement Multihoming?  Especially when most
> of the machines are a VLS cluster so we are not talking about a large
> address space here.  It seems the outfit is having difficulty
> getting blocks that they can even run BGP with,  (I know I'm missing a
> lot here)
> They can't even fill a /24, let alone anything greater :)

As long as they have a /24 that they can announce, two or more upstreams
that are able and willing to establish BGP sessions with them and a router
with enough memory to hold at least 2 full views (for a Cisco, you
probably want 256MB or more these days), they can multi (or dual) home.

I don't think Verio, Sprint or any other major ISP is filtering out /24s
from any part of IP4 any more.

I don't think there are many ISPs willing to establish BGP sessions for
customers that aren't spending at least T1 prices with them.  Verizon is
going to be rolling out cheap, multimegabyte fiber connections to business
and residential customers around here soon.  Since I'm paying ~$2k/mo for
2 T1s (with longish loops and a /21), it's tempting to see if I could get
ahold of somebody over there willing to talk about BGP :)

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