Multicast and unicast delivery at NANOG 33

Joel Jaeggli joelja at
Fri Jan 28 21:48:13 UTC 2005

Just an update.

Coverage is planned for Sunday Jan 30 19:30 - 21:30 (PST) "Coordinating 
NANOG: Input From the Community."

Merit will provide Real Netoworks streaming media for the NANOG meeting 
proper, see:

>From the UO, NANOG will be multicast live using an ISMA MPEG-4 standard 
multicast stream using the mp3 audio codec at 250Kb/s. The stream should 
be of similar visual quality to the 1Mb/s MPEG-1 stream! Recommended free 
clients are Quicktime for Windows or Macintosh and MPlayer on Linux or 
*BSD. The VideoLAN client is able to play back the video and audio on all 

We will also be providing a unicast http based mp3 audio stream, playable 
in itunes and any http/icecast/shoutcast capable client.

The multicast sources are:

MPEG-4 (ISMA MPEG-4 250kb/s) (SDP FILE)

     * Video IP Address:
     * Video UDP Port: 51314
     * Audio IP Address:
     * Audio UDP Port: 28256

The unicast mp3 audio source is:

for updated information see:

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