High Density Multimode Runs BCP?

Hannigan, Martin hannigan at verisign.com
Thu Jan 27 05:48:25 UTC 2005

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> Hi, Martin
> Yes indeed the ribbon cable.  Tho' due to the damage factor I probably
> would not specify it again unless I could use innerduct to 
> protect it as
> we had some machine room renovations done and the construction workers
> managed to kink the underfloor runs as well as setting off the Halon
> system several times...
> The ribbon cables work well if they are adequately protected.  If the
> people in the machine room environment are skilled at handling fiber
> there should be no problems.   If however J. Random Laborer 
> has access I
> would go with conventional armored runs.

Armored runs are for outside plant, or, inside plant that
doesn't have adequate cable management. I've seen armored
indoors as a "security" measure, but if you don't control
your data center, you may as well save the money since 
armored cable is like locks, it keeps good people out. 
It may keep slack electricians from damaging it, but 
considering they are usually heavy industry, I wouldn't
rely on it for that reason alone. :-)

As I said earlier, ribbon isn't designed for data centers,
nor is innerduct designed for ribbon.

I'd love to see some photos of people using innerduct+ribbon
cable. :-)



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