High Density Multimode Runs BCP?

Thor Lancelot Simon tls at NetBSD.org
Thu Jan 27 02:49:54 UTC 2005

On Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 09:17:44PM -0500, John Fraizer wrote:
> >I assume multiplexing up to 10Gb (possibly two links thereof) and then
> >back down is cost-prohibitive?  That's probably the "best" practice.
> It's best practice to put two new points of failure (mux + demux) in a 
> 200m fiber run?

Well, that depends.  To begin with, it's not one run, it's 24 runs.
Deepak described the cost of those 24 runs as:

> I priced up one of these runs at 100m, and I was seeing a list price in
> the ballpark of $2500-$3000 plenum. So I figured it was worth asking if
> here is a better way when we're talking about N times that number. :)

So, to take his lower estimate 24 x $2500, we're talking about $60,000
worth of cable -- and all the bulk and management hassle of 48 strands
of fibre for what is in one sense logically a single run.

It still probably doesn't cover the cost of muxing it up and back down,
but particularly when you consider that space for 48 strands isn't free
either, it is certainly worth thinking about.

I was a little surprised by the $2500/pair figure but that's what he


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