High Density Multimode Runs BCP?

Deepak Jain deepak at ai.net
Wed Jan 26 00:23:17 UTC 2005

I have a situation where I want to run Nx24 pairs of GE across a 
datacenter to several different customers. Runs are about 200meters max.

When running say 24-pairs of multi-mode across a datacenter, I have 
considered a few solutions, but am not sure what is common/best practice.

a) Find/adapt a 24/48 thread inside-plant cable (either multimode, or 
condition single mode) and connectorize the ends. Adv: Clean, Single, 
high density cable runs, Dis: Not sure if such a beast exists in 
multimode, and the whole cable has to be replaced/made redundant if one 
fiber dies and you need a critical restore, may need a break out shelf.

b) Run 24 duplex MM cables of the proper lengths. Adv: Easy to trace, 
color code, understand. Easy to replace/repair one cable should 
something untoward occur. Can buy/stock pre-terminated cables of the 
proper length for easy restore. Dis: Lots of cables, more riser space.

c) ??


So... is there an option C? Does a multimode beastie like A exist 
commonly? Is it generally more cost effective to terminate your own MM 
cables or buy them pre-terminated?

Assume that each of these pairs is going to be used for something like 
1000B-SX full duplex, and that these are all aggregated trunk links so 
you can't take a single pair of 1000B-SX and break it out to 24xGE at 
the end points with a switch.

I priced up one of these runs at 100m, and I was seeing a list price in 
the ballpark of $2500-$3000 plenum. So I figured it was worth asking if 
there is a better way when we're talking about N times that number. :)

Thanks in advance, I'm sure I just haven't had enough caffeine today.


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