Those interested in NANOG governance, please read...

John Fraizer nanog at
Tue Jan 25 18:51:09 UTC 2005

Paul Vixie wrote:
>>	I'm going to get ahold of Dan in private to see if we can host
>>this on a inoc-dba and pstn-reachable conf bridge.  i may be able
>>to get one going.
> i had originally planned to host a bridge that was both pstn- and inocdba/sip
> reachable, but then the fine folks from merit said that they would be able to
> multicast the bof, and so i think there's no real need for audio engineering.
> (isc's asterisk-based confbridge is available if needed, and is reachable by
> both pstn, inoc*dba, and sip-url.)
> as co-moderator, i'd like all remote questions/comments to come via irc,
> and not via the speakerphone.  audio engineers take note -- mute all "other
> ends" plz.

Paul, this is the reason I suggested an audio hybrid=>ata-186 for 
patching the audio to INOC.  It doesn't matter if the people on the 
conference bridge are screaming their heads off... Unless the output of 
the hybrid is connected to the PA system, they're not going to be heard 
at the NANOG end.


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