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Bill Woodcock woody at
Mon Jan 24 23:10:49 UTC 2005

      On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Michael Loftis wrote:
    > I'm also not quite clear on why there's not a 'asterisk users click 
    > here' instead because asterisk users don't need the config file.  

Because we don't have enough money and programmers to add all features at 
once.  That's something that's being worked on now, and with luck, we'll 
have setup wizard-pages for Asterisk users in six or eight weeks.  There 
are a lot of other features people are asking for, and we can only pursue 
a couple of them at a time, given the fact that I'm still paying for 
nearly all of it out of my own pocket.

    > I haven't had a chance to pose the question to the list and 
    > searching via google yielded very little information.

You're probably best off reading the INOC-DBA mailing list archive, or 
asking on the list, or asking the INOC-DBA operator.  (operator at


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