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Michael Loftis mloftis at
Mon Jan 24 22:16:05 UTC 2005

--On Monday, January 24, 2005 16:35 -0500 John Fraizer 
<nanog at> wrote:

> Sadly, I won't be attending but, I'm sure someone from Cisco and/or PCH
> will be there and can probably come up with the VoIP phone.  There are
> many folks on the INOC-DBA system who are running Asterisk as well so,
> setting up a conference bridge is trivial.
> An ATA-186 with a hybrid on it (to get the PA audio cleanly into the
> phone) would be an ideal situation.  Perhaps there is someone with
> broadcast engineering experience (besides me) that can assist in this.

I made an attempt this past weekend to get INOC-DBA setup on our Asterisk 
system and ran into lack of documentation and inaccurate/wrong 
documentation on the inoc-dba site.  Specifically I had/have no way of 
adding a phone because the ASNxxxxxxnn format for MAV address just results 
in an 'invalid MAC address' error message.  I'm also not quite clear on why 
there's not a 'asterisk users click here' instead because asterisk users 
don't need the config file.  I haven't had a chance to pose the question to 
the list and searching via google yielded very little information.

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