Those interested in NANOG governance, please read...

Daniel Golding dgolding at
Mon Jan 24 18:56:12 UTC 2005

I'd like to remind everyone of the Sunday evening meeting at the upcoming
NANOG conference in Las Vegas. Everyone who has an interest in how NANOG is
administered, be it the mailing list or conferences, should attend.
Participation is vital in making the community's voice heard. If you think
the status-quo is ok or if you would like to see some changes made,
participation will ensure that your voice is heard.

A phone bridge and IRC-cast are being worked on now. More information on
these should be available by the end of the week.

Also, please take a chance to visit If you
agree with the contents, please endorse it by "signing".

Thanks. We will now return to our regularly scheduled thread, which seems to
be intent on convincing people to violate their NDA's with a major network
equipment vendor :)

Daniel Golding

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