Emergency Internet Backbone Provider Maintenance Tonight

Colin Neeson colin at oriel.com.au
Mon Jan 24 08:09:56 UTC 2005

I agree - this would not be a defect that would require backbone maintenance
- it's a defect that would affect edge VOIP devices, hardly core

Of course, it could be that there is another more serious defect out there
that major providers have been pre-warned about and are deploying
countermeasures prior to a general disclosure (ALA SNMP vulnerabilities).

We'll have to wait and see.

On 24/1/05 6:49 PM, "Alexei Roudnev" <alex at relcom.net> wrote:

> I do not expect, that any carriet took this as an emergency - defect is
> quite harmless (DOS in the worst case, + no exploits known, + no any
> interest for anyone to do it, + VoIP gateways involved only...). Even if
> someone is doing maintanance, it can be noticed by VoIP network users only.
> Moreover, correct me if it was not defect in Cisco express call center (call
> center @ IOS) - I can not image carriers using this (it was designed for
> small businesses).
> Why to get simple, relatively harmless (require ugrade in next scheduled
> time, usually 1 - 3 weeks) defect as a terrible threat to everyone? Even BGP
> problem was much more dangerous (and no single case known since this, so it
> was not emergency as well)..
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