Emergency Internet Backbone Provider Maintenance Tonight

Alexei Roudnev alex at relcom.net
Mon Jan 24 07:49:37 UTC 2005

I do not expect, that any carriet took this as an emergency - defect is
quite harmless (DOS in the worst case, + no exploits known, + no any
interest for anyone to do it, + VoIP gateways involved only...). Even if
someone is doing maintanance, it can be noticed by VoIP network users only.

Moreover, correct me if it was not defect in Cisco express call center (call
center @ IOS) - I can not image carriers using this (it was designed for
small businesses).

Why to get simple, relatively harmless (require ugrade in next scheduled
time, usually 1 - 3 weeks) defect as a terrible threat to everyone? Even BGP
problem was much more dangerous (and no single case known since this, so it
was not emergency as well)..

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Has anyone heard about some carriers doing emergency maintenance tonight
on Internet routers due to a code vulnerability?  I'm trying to find out
what vendor it involves and the details behind it.  I understand it's
still under NDA, but I'm sure someone out there knows more.


- Darrell

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