Registrars serve no useful purpose

Joe Rhett jrhett at
Sat Jan 22 01:16:10 UTC 2005

> > It is a matter of choosing a registrar that has the right business model
> > and services to suit the registrant.
On Wed, Jan 19, 2005 at 01:28:51PM +0000, Michael.Dillon at wrote:
> What if a company doesn't want to deal with
> any registrar? What if they just want to
> register their domain name and have it stay registered. 

I really can't think of any domain name registrant that this statement
doesn't apply to -- even the spammers.

<shrug>  The purpose is so that someone can do all the "paperwork" for when
that customer needs to change something ;-)

Joe Rhett
Senior Geek

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