Please Check Filters - BOGON Filtering IP Space

James Laszko james at
Fri Jan 21 05:45:40 UTC 2005

> Wash, rinse, repeat for the other 70,000 routers you manage for
> customers... This is definitely NOT a half-rack in a colo fix. Just
> contacting the customers is a feat.

And I completely agree that it's a big pain to coordinate this.  In the
same hand, SBC and all other 'big' providers use BGP to dynamically
update their routing tables.  Their BOGON filtering should use the same
sort of mechanism.  If they're not going to use something like the Cymru
BOGON BGP feed they should build their own and should have configured
their managed routers to query that from the beginning.  As more
old-BOGON IP's come into play, more and more of the Internet is going to
'fall off' to these legacy route access list restricted routers.

As much as I would have liked to coin the term 'network monkey', I read
it in this thread by someone much more creative than I.  :-)

James Laszko
Pipeline Communications, Inc.
james at

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