Please Check Filters - BOGON Filtering IP Space

James Laszko james at
Fri Jan 21 05:14:12 UTC 2005

> > Whats so bad about decent secure defaults?

> I don't consider a configuration that disenfranchises part of the
> internet as "decent [...] defaults." :)

The big problem that we're experiencing here is that the big telco
ISP's, network providers and managed service providers that should have
something better than a 'network monkey' running their routers are
having BOGON filtering problems.  

We diagnosed a problem getting to east cost government sites and in
working with SAVVIS, we corrected problems in a matter of hours.  This
has been the only positive progress we've made in unblackholing out
network segment.  We're going on day number 4 trying to get SBC to fix
'managed' local government routers.

To tell you the truth, the little leaf nodes that have a corporation
without world-accessible resources behind their router are
unconsequential to us -- let them filter on old BOGON lists -- our
customers need to be able to get to the resources that are behind the
huge networks that are maintained by companies much larger than ours
that are running out of date filters.

Why more people don't use resources like what Cymru offer is beyond

James Laszko
Pipeline Communications, Inc.
james at

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