improving the registrar transfer process

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at
Thu Jan 20 23:28:49 UTC 2005

> > 
> > Accountability.  Responsibility.
> I agree with you on this 100%.  ICANN needs to enforce there 
> current policies.  

I agree too.

> Look at totalnic/pacnames.  They have been 
> refusing transfer requests years now until very very recent.  
> What has ICANN done about all those complaints and violations 
> that has been well documented?
> nothing!
> ICANN needs to stop just accepting money and start enforcing 
> policies...

Interestingly, the ICANN equivalent in Australia (auDA), does
pro-actively enforce policies, and even took Capital Networks to court
on the basis that they could be de-accredited as a registrar for .au, if
they continued not to allow transfers for .com.


The original judgment is at:

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