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Thu Jan 20 17:34:24 UTC 2005

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Jared Mauch wrote:
| On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 06:26:15PM +0530, Suresh Ramasubramanian wrote:
|>David Barak <thegameiam at> wrote:
|>>While it says that bogon filters change, and provides
|>>a URL to check it, what percentage of folks who would
|>>use a feature like "autosecure" would ever update
|>>their filters?
|>What do they do to update that bogon list anyway - push a new IOS image?
| 	Actually, my assumption is anyone with autosecure gets
| free software upgrades for life, as this is a flexible list that
| will change over time.  Each time a change is made they
| need to release new software, and notify their installed
| customer base.
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i understand bogon filters and reasoning behind it and i'm all for it.
but why does one think (maybe i missing something) this approach
(autosecure) is scalable and acceptable to update your ios or even
constantly updating your acls every time one has to update their bogon
filters? yet another think to look out for? i like to see the network
availability for aol, google, nasdaq, every time they update their bogons.

why can't this somehow be dynamically updated and /or linked to a
master file as opposed to upgrading the ios?

like to hear more thoughts on it.

| 	- jared
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