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You can also use NetFlow/SFlow foncionalities on your Peering Interface.
And then parse/treat data using tools like ntop/flowscan and such.

David R.

>>> Daniel Golding <dgolding at burtongroup.com> 01/20 12:04  >>>

Andrew's issue is this - he's got an Ethernet port on a public peering
switch with a bunch of peers. He can see the interface stats just fine but
he's having trouble figuring out how much traffic is going to (or coming
from) each peer. One interface, many peers, confusing problem. There isn't
one VLAN per peer on most public peering switches - its one big Ethernet
segment with each peer getting an IP out of a common subnet. Welcome to the
world of broadcast multi-access peering.

The classical way to do this is mac accounting. This can be pretty rough -
its not really useful for anything more than a ratio, from what I've seen -
the numbers tend to not add up properly.

Another possibility (on Cisco) is using BGP Policy Accounting, although
support can be spotty depending on hardware.

For other platforms, there's some good information here:

The link on that page for Juniper's Destination Class Usage (DCU) is broken.
Try this one instead:

- Dan

On 1/19/05 5:56 PM, "Bill Nash" <billn at billn.net> wrote:

> If you're already using MRTG, hopefully you're at least passingly familiar
> with perl and SNMP. If so, you can do some hackery to identify your BGP
> peer interfaces automatically and then use it to reference existing
> interface graphs.
> Take a peek in the BGP4 mib, specifically at the BgpPeerEntry subtree. You
> may need to do some correlation inside the ifTable or maybe even ifX,
> depending on platform and implementation, to correctly identify the
> interface of your peer.
> - billn
> On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, andrew matthews wrote:
>> no i mean graph bgp sessions...
>> it's a single interface, and i want to graph every bgp session so i
>> can see how much traffic i'm doing between each peer.
>> On Wed, 19 Jan 2005 22:25:37 +0000 (GMT), Stephen J. Wilcox
>> <steve at telecomplete.co.uk> wrote:
>>> On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, andrew matthews wrote:
>>>> Anyone have any suggestions on graphing peering on a cisco router? I'm
>>>> using mrtg and i did mac address accounting but the numbers are off.
>>> do you mean how to graph traffic to each host on a lan..?
>>> what platform do you have?
>>> Steve

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