panix hijack press

Thornton thornton-nanog at
Thu Jan 20 06:16:58 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-01-20 at 00:49 -0500, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> William Allen Simpson wrote:
> > Not that I've ever noticed.  Are you actually a network operator
> > anywhere?  Are you even _in_ North America?  Your email isn't....
> >
> To correct my own post, I saw Au, and assumed a shill for Mel-IT.
> But it's Az, which is Arizona (still in North America this year).  My
> question about actually operating a network still stands.

Thats good..had me thinking..I'm not in North America..what...haha

and since it isn't really relevant..short answer is yes...and no that
isn't yes i am not in north America :-)

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