improving the registrar transfer process

William Allen Simpson wsimpson at
Thu Jan 20 06:13:05 UTC 2005

Bruce Tonkin wrote:

>To repeat again, I am not trying to escape any blame, not cast any blame
>on any other party.  I am interested from an engineering point of view
>in improving the process to avoid it happening again.
Good.  Thank you!  Early on in the process, Eric Brunner claimed you
were a decent guy, or so I interpreted it.

We know how to do 3-way handshakes.  Rather a fundamental of the
Internet.  So quickly folks forget....

We knew in advance that the VRSN/NetSol/whatever protocol was terrible,
and that the ICANN policy change was not going to be helpful.

I think the notification process should parallel what anybody competent
would expect in a communications protocol.  Retry.  Several times. 
(Admittedly, I've been involved in protocol design for 28+ years, thus
have a tendency to see things that way.)

At the retry limit, declare the peer to be "down".

In this case, the peer being down means taking all their domains away
and revoking their registrar status and the performance bond.

Accountability.  Responsibility.

William Allen Simpson
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