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William Allen Simpson wsimpson at
Thu Jan 20 05:34:37 UTC 2005

Bruce Tonkin wrote:

>The information we have so far, indicates that it was not on Registrar
>LOCK at the registry at the time of the transfer.
No, the information we have so far is that it *WAS* supposed to be on 
registrar-lock!  Quoting Alexis Rosen, forwarded by TLS, Sun, 16 Jan 
2005 07:08:59 +0000:

  ...  Our understanding is that we had locks on all of our domains. 
  However, when we looked, locks were off on and,
  which we own but don't normally use.

[Your Honor, maybe she locked the door, but the door company didn't
install it correctly, otherwise I couldn't have ripped it off the hinges
and gone in and raped her; it's the door company's fault.]

Stop blaming the victim!  Stop blaming anybody else.

This was a Mel-IT error.

William Allen Simpson
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