panix hijack press

Thornton thornton-nanog at
Thu Jan 20 02:56:57 UTC 2005

> Upon what verifiable facts do you base your endless speculation?
> (1) Stop blaming the victim!
> (2) Registrants can't "lock" domains, it's a registrar-lock.  Users
> can only ask that domains be locked.  Stupid policy, bad results.
> (3) This is a red-herring issue anyway, since there is no evidence
> that Mel-IT ever sent notification, or even waited 5 days for a
> response.  The domain was hijacked in the middle of the night, in the
> middle of a weekend -- a very odd time for confirming responses by a
> staff that wasn't in the office answering the phones....
> (4) Mel-IT has admitted it "failed to properly confirm", and a
> "loophole" caused the error.
> (5) Mel-IT has an executive and a lawyer that were both notified about
> the problem, and refused to mitigate the damage.
> (6) Stop blaming the victim!

i dont think anyone is blaming the victim...what evidence do you have to
support the domain being locked?

a user can lock a domain..they can login to the control panel for there
registrar and select registrar lock, registrar-lock, or lock and i am
sure there are other registrars that word it even differently. once you
select that it effectively locks your domain so it cant be transfered.

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