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> rs at (Robert E.Seastrom) writes:
> > > By any chance is this list available via xml/rss?
> > ...
> > Due to different ways of looking at data than one would 
> usually think
> > of when designing a mail or usenet reader, all RSS readers of my
> > admittedly fairly narrow acquaintance are lacking in one critical
> > (imnsho) feature for reading NANOG-L: "kill thread".
> we gateway [email protected] (it's not called NANOG-L, really, plz stop 
> saying that)
> into a local usenet newsgroup here.  the netnews feature i 
> use most often
> isn't actually "kill by thread", but rather "kill by author".  i can't
> imagine how any of you read this forum using a normal e-mail tool.

Merit could treat the mailing list as an asset 
and not allow redistribution and instead offer multiple formats for 
readers to "peruse" or "react in near real time". RSS, NNTP, and
SMTP are all options in my mind.

It's about choices. More is better.



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