Robert E.Seastrom rs at
Wed Jan 19 14:11:20 UTC 2005

"Mike Callahan" <mcallahan at> writes:

> By any chance is this list available via xml/rss?

There are several email to rss gateway software packages out there; it
would be trivial to roll your own.

YMMV, but after reading a couple of other mailing lists that were
gatewayed to rss, my sense is that RSS is not the right technology for
reading NANOG unless one were to create a "first article only" feed.
Due to different ways of looking at data than one would usually think
of when designing a mail or usenet reader, all RSS readers of my
admittedly fairly narrow acquaintance are lacking in one critical
(imnsho) feature for reading NANOG-L: "kill thread".


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