Registrars serve no useful purpose

Michael.Dillon at Michael.Dillon at
Wed Jan 19 13:28:51 UTC 2005

> It is a matter of choosing a registrar that has the right business model
> and services to suit the registrant.

What if a company doesn't want to deal with
any registrar? What if they just want to
register their domain name and have it stay
registered. For some companies, their registered
domain name is a critical part of their network
infrastructure. Why should these companies be forced
to deal with third parties who add no value to
the service?

There is no free market when ICANN forces
companies to deal with 3rd parties rather than
deal directly with the registry that provides the
mission critical DNS service for their domain name.

Perhaps this is another area where a membership-based
NANOG could help by standing up and explaining the 
operational importance of DNS stability to the 
bureaucrats in ICANN.

--Michael Dillon

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