EPP minutia (was: Re: Gtld transfer process)

George William Herbert gherbert at retro.com
Wed Jan 19 06:51:41 UTC 2005

>I want a "transfer process" that is inherently difficult, if not
>broken, for domain names that are business assets. I don't care about
>"competition" between registrars, or how much I get soaked for by the
>registrar and registry, or how evil and/or retarded one or both are.

The problem that got us here was that registrars have
historically been not flexible enough at releasing
domains when the owners *did* want to transfer them.

What you are saying, is that you want to have either
a level of service at registrars, or a new registrar
with the additional level of service, that instead of
being easy to deal with in moves, is designed to maximally
ensure safe handling of your important corporate identity.

I think this is a clear and wonderful business opportunity.
Just expect to pay more for it...

-george william herbert
gherbert at retro.com

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