Was panix.com in registrar-lock?

Richard Parker richard at electrophobia.com
Wed Jan 19 04:19:17 UTC 2005

on 1/18/05 6:44 PM, william(at)elan.net at william at elan.net wrote:

> Based on last month data it did not have in registrar-lock. I believe
> registrar lock for all panix domain (including panix.net, access.net)
> was added on January 15th.

I assume the domain panix.com is excluded from the list of domains locked by
Panix on January 15th, since by then the panix.com domain had been hijacked
and as such was no longer under their administrative control.  Correct?  I
checked the status of panix.com approximately an hour after the hijack and
and at that time the domain was not locked, presumably because the hijacker
himself had not requested a lock.

If Panix did indeed lock a number of their other domains on January 15th
following the hijack of panix.com, that is circumstantial evidence that when
the hijack occurred the panix.com domain did not have a status of
registrar-lock in the .com registry.
> Based on what I heard in public so far, I'm seeing the following scenario
> which paints the picture in which everyone did something that as a whole
> led to the panix.com hijacking:

Thanks for the informative summary William.


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