Was panix.com in registrar-lock?

Joseph Johnson joseph.johnson at hostwaycorp.com
Wed Jan 19 02:15:11 UTC 2005

<Richard Parker>
George DeCarlo, vice
president of marketing at Dotster (Panix's registrar), is reported
saying that Panix did not sign onto Dotster's domain-locking service.
</Richard Parker>

On a side, customer service-ish note, when the changes took effect,
BulkRegister _told_ me registrar-lock was being enabled on all my domains.
I then had the choice of keeping it that way, or actively shutting the
service off on my domains.  I liked that they took the initiative to do
that.  Now if I could just get my old employer/current ISP to approve the
transfer to my new employer, then I would be set . . .

Joe Johnson

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