Was panix.com in registrar-lock?

Richard Parker richard at electrophobia.com
Wed Jan 19 02:06:11 UTC 2005

Does anyone know if the panix.com domain did, in fact, have an RRP
status of registrar-lock in the .com registry sometime before it was

According to a couple of articles Panix officials insist that the
panix.com domain had been registrar locked while George DeCarlo, vice
president of marketing at Dotster (Panix's registrar), is reported
saying that Panix did not sign onto Dotster's domain-locking service.

If we ignore the serious issue of potential notification failures
and look at just the registrar-lock issue, there are several
possible scenarios:

  1) Panix never requested that the panix.com domain be locked.
  2) Panix requested the lock, but their registrar did not pass this
     request to the .com registry.
  3) Panix's registrar requested the lock, but the .com registry
     failed to set the lock status.
  4) The registrar-lock status was set at the registry, but it was
     fraudulently cleared prior to the domain transfer.
  5) The registrar-lock status was set at the registry, but the
     domain was transferred despite the lock.

Did I miss a scenario?  I'd like to know which scenario occurred in
the panix.com hijack, hence my interest in whether the .com registry
was reporting the status of panix.com as registrar-lock prior to the


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