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Wed Jan 19 01:13:28 UTC 2005

Bruce Tonkin wrote:

> Most major registrars and ICANN have direct contacts into the technical
> parts of Melbourne IT.    I received notification from several parties
> via email (but I don't read email 24 hours a day).


Offlist, I have already given you some suggestions that I hope will be helpful 
to your organization. Let me offer an additional suggestion: that in a 
situation like this where you are, or one of your resellers is, involved in an 
inappropriate transfer, there should be a method to escalate to the right 
place. "the right place" doesn't necessarily have to be you, of course, but it 
has to be someone with the authority to examine and fix the problem.

It's really not a customer service issue unless the company with the problem is 
a customer of yours. And as we saw with Panix, you can get involved in a 
situation that involves a company that has never done business with you.


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