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Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at
Tue Jan 18 20:39:03 UTC 2005

Speaking as a co-chair of the erstwhile PROVREG WG, which produced 
the EPP documents 

At 2:18 PM +0000 1/18/05, someone wrote:

>There seems to be a general lack of IETF design and review of protocols
>in this crucial area.  Again not good.

Assuming "this crucial area" to mean registration protocols, 
including EPP, IRIS, and DNS, I'd say that there is ample opportunity 
for review, although what is done is still insufficient.  (It will 
always be "insufficient" to some.)

The IETG Working Group's for these protocols are -

EPP - PROVREG WG closed, see above, but the mailing list still runs
  and - DNSOP WG

WhoIs and RRP are not related to WG's so far as I can recall.

These web pages mention mailing lists for the groups.  That is how to 
provide "design and review" without the expense of travel.

I know all about insufficient design and review.  I've seen DNSSEC 
overhauled when the initial review process failed.  As co-chair for 
PROVREG, trying to get wider review was the main job.  (Early on, no 
one wanted to hear about it...)

PS - If you can contribute "client-side" expertise to many of these 
protocols, you will be in high-demand.
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