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Elmar K. Bins elmi at
Tue Jan 18 11:26:06 UTC 2005

Hi William,

> > And some call this not broken but necessary. I can explain off-list,
> > if you like.
> Why off-list? Just tell that you want to support multi-lingual domain names.

There are a couple more reasons, and I'm not sure it's NANOG business ;-)

> I believe he meant that URL should be presented as part of normal whois 
> answer. While me and others who "care" have already found it long ago,
> you can't expect that of people who might do one denic lookup per year

True. But if this lookup is so important, they are easily willing to try
the website. Of course, it's not nice, giving no hint at all. I've told
the folks here, maybe they'll insert a comment or something.

> But please don't take it that you should not implement it, if its no
> big deal (and for most its not), then please present text-only copy
> of documentation for most important options. And in general because
> most people do not even know about "?", please just present URL to 
> documentation in all other queries.

"Be generous in what you accept..." Yup :-)


PS: Btw, "HELP" works...


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