Gtld transfer process

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at
Tue Jan 18 10:42:43 UTC 2005

Hello Brandon,

Thanks for your feedback.

> My experience has been that getting auth_info (which criminal 
> staff would have access to) from bad registrars is almost 
> impossible, with registrar-LOCK too they have enough control 
> to negate the gain in being able to pull a domain to a new 
> registrar - you still need the cooperation of the old one so 
> it's just as bad as the old way but lots more risk for everyone
> EPP is thus of no advantage and registrar pull is dangerous

Thus are you basically proposing that the registrant rely on cooperation
with the old registrar, and if that fails, rely on ICANN to enforce
compliance if the old registrars doesn't cooperate?

I think in any model, unless ICANN enforces compliance the model will

We use the EPP model with registrar pull in Australia, and I haven't
heard of any recent instances of abuse.  There is no mechanism for the
losing registrar to deny a transfer.  The difference is that the ICANN
equivalent in Australia (auDA) rigorously enforces compliance by the
gaining registrar.


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