Registrar and registry backend processes.

Michael Loftis mloftis at
Mon Jan 17 22:47:50 UTC 2005

I think, briefly, that we need to force Verisign and the registrars to be 
FAR more public about the backend process for WHOIS data and for the TLD 
zone data.  Especially with .com, .net, and probably .org, and this latest 
failure of 'the system' and the obvious lack of information on 'the system.'

It's clearly broken, and needs to be put up for public review by 'the 
powers that be' so that it can be fixed.  What's happening now feels close 
to a boiler room poker game, noone seems to know all the players, and even 
fewer know all the rules, so in the end everyone is a loser.

I know this is adding fuel to the proverbial fire, but apparently we need 
to burn out this thing so we don't get scorched by yet another unexpected 

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