netblazer Was: baiting

Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine brunner at
Mon Jan 17 11:48:41 UTC 2005

> (And I was serious, not sarcastic, about the 'blazer. YMMV,)


That's OK, I never got work for a router vendor after that, a solution
that I've now completeley generalized, having discovered a trivial but
obscure and beautiful technique, as any good mathematician must.

However, since I was most of the QA for the NetBlazer, and whiled away my
paid hours with making tcl/tk scripts to irritate units under test, which
was somewhat novel in 1991, silly stuff like bringing up and tearing down
a connection all night long to prove the existance of a memory leak, and
networks to prove the function of rip, I'm curious what part of the
NetBlazer was a piece of shit?

In this period of time, the White Knights built the InterOp shownets and
we had comparative access to quite a lot of vendor product, and know that
the red buttons on Wellfleets were correctly positioned on the front, for
easy access. We used NetBlazers for dial-up outbound (we were topologically
quite diverse by '91, our last show in the San Jose facility) and I don't
recall anything ... resembling the behavior that I could characterize as
POS like function.

Data please, but off-list. Bill will be interested too I expect.


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