Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at
Mon Jan 17 12:54:09 UTC 2005

Hello Matthew,

> >
> What sort of support would you give a not-for-profit Org such 
> as or an Org such as if our domains 
> were hijacked maliciously (or not)....?

As others have pointed out, any procedures will need to ensure that they
can be applied to all domain name records.

> I note that is set 'CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED' 
> and 'CLIENT UPDATE PROHIBITED' so in theory this shouldn't be 
> a problem, but the various earlier comments indicating that 
> was thought to be 'LOCKED' before the issues of the 
> last few days provide more food for thought.

I doubt that was "LOCKED" at the registry, as the transfer
could not have been initiated.
Some registrars use the term "lock" to refer to an internal security
procedure that is unrelated to a lock that can be placed on the name in
the registry.

Note that different registries have different locking mechanisms. 

Bruce Tonkin

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