TCP Syns to 445 and 11768

Gadi Evron gadi at
Mon Jan 17 09:48:00 UTC 2005

Cheung, Rick wrote:
>         Hi. Anyone notice an increase of TCP Syns to port 11768, and 445 
> across random internet IPs? I googled the port, and found a similar 
> posting here:
>         We located the source on our network, updated DATs, and 
> WindowsUpdate hotfixes, but the problem persists.

Okay, it's been a while since this post was made to NANOG, but I just 
got the answer. Hadas Shany (Internet Gold/AS5486] just sent this to the 
IL-ops list:

In the past few weeks we saw more and more port scanning on 11768 and 
15118 (high ports that has no specific use).

So, here is the news: . Apparently, 
it's a virus based on the Sasser vulnerability!

Sophos agrees:

I must admit, Joe Stewart (also known as "DA MAN") at lurhq always comes 
up with the answers.

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