The entire mechanism is Wrong!

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> On Sun, 16 Jan 2005, Jim Shankland wrote:
> > Of course it's unreasonable to expect a registrar to have to
> > put up with such a burden during off hours:  God only knows what
> > kind of silly calls would come in.  "Emergencies" are best
> > handled in a batch during the regular work week.  For the
> > stuff that really won't wait, you just put a lawyer on retainer,
> > who can fax off a letter telling the complainant to sod off until
> > Monday morning, or until the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter
> > aligns with Mars, whichever comes first.
> >
> > I mean, if we can't be on the golf course by 3:00, what are we
> > in this business for, anyway -- right?
> The registrar DOES need to define "Emergency."
> "Emergency" does not mean "page on-call staffers because I forgot to renew
> my domain and it's fallen out of the roots, and Customer Service is closed
> Saturday." Such an event is defined as being "My Own Fault, Not Due to
> Catastrophic Conditions" and doesn't warrant bugging the person on-call.
> As long as the registrar defines what constitutes a page-able emergency,
> they should be ok. (Or is this overly simplistic?)

ime, the act of defining 'emergency' does not provoke compliance therewith.


paul galynin

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