The entire mechanism is Wrong!

Steve Sobol sjsobol at
Mon Jan 17 03:19:58 UTC 2005

Adrian Chadd wrote:

> I agree they should have 24/7 support.
> Just remember that, as an example, Melbourne IT has probably two orders
> of magnitude more clients than you. A 24x7 pager service would attract
> a /lot/ of "Emergencies" and as such they'd have to consider running
> at least a muppet level call service outside of hours to filter
> "emergency" requests away from the normal signup procedures and over
> to the People Who Really Fix Things.

I'm not saying MIT needs 24x7 support, I am saying they need on-call staff. One 
person might be enough; perhaps more than one may be needed. (A couple people 
called me on this point offlist and I felt the need to clarify my opinion.)

I resell GoDaddy and they do have 24x7 customer support, but I don't think 
that's necessary to properly run a registrar. Just have X people available to 
deal with emergency situations. X will vary based on the size of the customer base.

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