Association of Trustworthy Roots?

Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine brunner at
Sun Jan 16 17:52:00 UTC 2005

It isn't just that the root operators are silent.

On the registrar's list there has been only five items on the subject.

1	Mark Jeftovic (easydns) who is on NANOG, copying the RC list.
2	Ross Rader (tucows) who is not, blowing it off,
	no delta between authoritative and caching servers
3	Mark asking Ross if he's had coffee yet, and 
	yes delta between authoritative and caching servers
4	Ross, yes he's had two cups and NANOG is a ton of mindless conjecture 
	and pretty silly
5	Mark replies with's motd and ssl alert

That's it.

On the registry mailing list ... well, I'm not on the registry constituency
mailing list, I haven't been since I left NeuStar and .biz and .us (urk) and
.cn (fun), so I don't know, but my guess is the answer is somewhere near zero.

How about the IPC mailing list ... well, I never could get a group of
indigenous IPR experts admitted to the ICANN IPC, so since the Berlin
meeting I've not been on the IPC list, but again, knowing the actors  as
people, I'm going to buy an integer between -1 and +1.

So, after IPC and Registries and Registrars, where would anyone expect to
find a policy interest in the area, since ISP/C is wicked dead?


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