Association of Trustworthy Roots?

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Sun Jan 16 21:45:04 UTC 2005

On 16 Jan 2005 at 21:31, Elmar K. Bins wrote:

> wsimpson at (William Allen Simpson) wrote:
> > While the Association of Trustworthy ISPs idea has some merit, we've
> > not been too successful in self-organizing lately.  ISP/C?
> I thought we already had built such a thing, currently covered by ICANN.

let's think outside the box.

there's no reason that nanog (or anyone willing to run 
a mailing list) couldn't create an ad hoc 
decentralized Trustworthy ISP/Root service.  heck, 
such a thing may even encourage more active 
participation in nanog.  having a shared group 
identity where the rubber meets the road is very 
powerful.  it's the underlying motivator behind the 
nanog, xBSD, GPL, torrent, tor, (pick your non-
hierarchical community driven project), etc. clans.

there's also no reason that this has to replace ICANN. 
 and it would likely have the exact result on existing 
entities that you mention below - improved 


> But changes everything, and for some (or many) or us, this
> association doesn't seem so trustworthy anymore. Maybe it would be better
> to improve trustworthiness of the existing authorities. I believe there
> is still much room for participation, not to mention political issues
> you simply cannot counter on a technical level.
> > At the moment, I'm concerned whether we have trustworthy TLD operators.
> One can never know what's going on behind the scenes. Maybe Verysign
> is on the issue, maybe not. I believe, there are at least three VS
> people on this list who could address this. I don't know whether they
> are allowed to.
> > It's been about 24 hours, it is well-known that the domain has been
> > hijacked, we've heard directly from the domain owner and operator,
> > but the TLD servers are still pointing to the hijacker.
> By chance - how is the press coverage of this incident? Has anybody
> read anything in the (online) papers? Unfortunately I haven't been
> able to follow the newsboards intensely this week-end, but Germany
> seems very quiet about this.
> Yours,
> 	Elmar.

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