seed resolvers? Re: hijacked (VeriSign refuses to help)

Petra Zeidler zeidlerp at
Sun Jan 16 11:28:28 UTC 2005


Thus wrote Alexei Roudnev (alex at

> What happen if someone stole ''domain tomorrow?  Or ''?
> How much damage will be done until this sleeping behemots wake up, set up a
> meeting (in Tuesday I believe - because Monday is a holiday), make any
> decision, open a toicket, pass thru change control and restore domain? 5
> days?

I remember that in a similar case in .de several larger ISPs put the
previous ('correct') zone on their resolvers. Would 
a) people here feel that is an appropriate measure for this case 
b) do it on their resolvers 
c) the people want that to happen in the first place?

	Petra Zeidler

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