Mark Jeftovic markjr at
Sun Jan 16 03:37:37 UTC 2005

On Sat, 15 Jan 2005, Chris Adams wrote:

> Once upon a time, Steven M. Bellovin <smb at> said:
> > has apparently been hijacked.  It's now associated with a
> > different registrar -- melbourneit instead of dotster -- and a
> > different owner.  Can anyone suggest appropriate people to contact to
> > try to get this straightened out?
> Good luck dealing with; that's the place where domains
> go to die.

I originally replied offlist, but...

Under the new ICANN transfer policy, this will most likely be
reversed if its shown to be an improper transfer. You need to
bring Dotster into this and they need to invoke a transfer dispute
under the new policy.

MelbourneIT needs to demonstrate a proper FOA (Form of Authorization)
to have initiated the transfer and if its found to be invalid the
domain will be re-instated and Melbourne-IT fined.


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