$50,000 reward for Verizon cable cutter

William Allen Simpson wsimpson at greendragon.com
Sat Jan 15 05:46:34 UTC 2005

Hannigan, Martin wrote:

>Nate, customers are not OSP savvy. The ones that could be  would be like
>you, me, and vin.
>Those are few and between.
Yeah, we are an odd bunch.  I've found that my friends and others
think of it as magic.  And find it wierd that I'm always looking up
into the air, especially at intersections or while riding along as a
passenger, commenting on things.  Why doesn't everybody _look_ around?

Though, it does rub off and do some good.  This past political season
one of the telecomm managers was still marvelling about a fundraiser
we attended a couple of year ago: "Amazing, she knew what a CLEC was!"

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