/24 route propagation, how long is reasonable?

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Fri Jan 14 00:17:07 UTC 2005

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Michael Airhart wrote:

> Quick question for the group..
> How long should I be patient to wait for some /24s to become fully routable
> worldwide?

There's no such thing as IP space fully routable worldwide.  Somewhere
there's a poorly run network with oudated bogon filters, NAT'd IPs (yours)
that someone pulled from their nether regions rather than RFC1918, or a
host of other issues that result in your IPs not being reachable from

Now, I'd expect any IP space an SP assigned to you to be "pretty much
fully routed" before you even have them (since you said this is PA
space...PI could conceivably take some time to get upstreams to update
prefix lists after they're made aware of the prefixes you intend to
announce).  Unless it's an issue of your provider passing on "new
IANA->ARIN" space like something from 72/8 or a similar block.  In that
case, you're pretty much SOL.  Start trying to contact the NOCs of the
various networks that need their bogon filters updated.  Maybe suggest
your SP do the same on your (and their other customers' behalf).

> Note: I would post the /24s, but I don't want to call negative attention to
> a SP that might be doing his/her job just fine and I just have unrealistic
> expectations..

How about you post the /8 they're from (if you haven't already).

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