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Owen DeLong owen at
Thu Jan 13 19:35:23 UTC 2005

>> Requesting rDNS means "I don't want to receive email from Africa".
> Having an rDNS entry for a host doesn't mean you know if it is/isn't in
> Africa, to any higher degree of certainty than when you just had the IP
> address.

What he was pointing out her is that a majority of African ISPs do not even
have the ability to assign rDNS to their address space.  This is an 
fact which should get somewhat better as a result of ARIN policies 2002-3
and 2003-15.  I don't know to what extent those policies have helped yet,
but, at least it is much easier for African ISPs to get direct allocations

In essence, it is virtually impossible for a small-medium business in Africa
to set up a mail server and have rDNS entries created for it because their
ISP doesn't control the IN-ADDRs and the imcumbent Telco doesn't want to
do anything they don't absolutely have to for the competitive ISPs.


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