Cisco 7513 & Bandwidth Points

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Thu Jan 13 18:00:03 UTC 2005

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Claydon, Tom wrote:

> We are moving from a Cisco 7206 to a 7513, and I was wondering if we
> will be limited by bandwidth points on the 7513 (as we are with the
> 7206). From the sparse documentation I've found so far, it doesn't
> appear that this limitation exists in the 7513, correct?

This is really more a cisco-nsp type question.

To answer, no, the 7500 doesn't have the bandwidth points issue the 7200s
have.  Each VIP has its own PCI bus(es) for PAs and then connects to the/a
1gbit cybus.

7500s have a whole new set of scaling issues.  :)

As long as you don't believe the performance numbers someone at cisco made
up for the 7500 VIP datasheets, you'll be fine.

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