[eweek article] Window of "anonymity" when domain exists, whois not updated

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at nic.fr
Thu Jan 13 11:16:32 UTC 2005

On Wed, Jan 12, 2005 at 04:11:42PM +0000,
 Michael.Dillon at radianz.com <Michael.Dillon at radianz.com> wrote 
 a message of 16 lines which said:

> And if you will trust an ISP to deliver port 25 packets then why
> wouldn't you trust them to deliver email messages?

There are *many* ISP which provide a reasonable job when carrying IP
packets but not an acceptable one when relaying email. If it seems a
paradox to you, remember that loosing 5 % of the packets still allow
users to work while loosing 1 % of the email is unacceptable.

If you never met an ISP with a reasonable service for IP packets and a
very lousy service for email, then it means we do not live in the same

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